Gliding On My SegwayThanks for coming to look at my photography. During the day, I’m a webmaster for a few websites, at night I enjoy watching B-Movies and 24/7 I suck oxygen through a hose in my nose. But at various points in between the webmastering and movie watching, I get to make pictures.

Like most people, I used a camera in my youth to take snapshots. I seemed to always have a camera, through school, in the military and during my 35 year career in flooring. Most of it was just point & shoot. I got serious about photography in the early 1980s, even took a B&W film class. There were always interruptions though: making a living, addictions, relationships, sobriety and a lot of stuff I tried to take the place of the old addictions. They all worked – I’ve been sober for over 30 years – but I didn’t get back into photography again until 2014. Seriously, that is.

Through the encouragement of friends and pseudo-family, and of course my own ego, I have become so completely immersed in making pictures and the thrill I get when people like them, I now have this website. I hope to share my pictures with anyone who wants to look at them. If you want to buy them, I can arrange that too.

Again, thanks for checking out my pictures and words. Enjoy. Leave comments.

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  1. Mike

    People asked about you on FB yesterday. Someone directed them to your website. I too had been missing seeing your pictures on FB.

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